XL Bloodless Castrator Introduction

Bloodless Castrating
Eze Bloodless Castrator for Castrations of Livestock
XL Bander Castrates 300 lbs to 800 lbs.

Reasons Why You Must Delay Castrate

Take advantage of nature’s own growth hormone by leaving bulls intact until 5-8 months of age, (600lbs-700lbs). The ultimate results of delay castrating are:

  1. Bull calves gain 10-15% faster than steers calves, university studies show, in both pre- and post-weaning in bull calves over early Castrated Calves.
  2. Bull calves convert feed 20% more efficiently than Steer calves.
  3. Use the most effective growth promotant FREE, Testosterone.
  4. Improved overall lean meat production. (Seiderman et al., 1982)
  5. Better selection of Purebreds.
  6. No guessing on how tight to install latex bands/rings.
  7. Can be used on Cattle, Sheep and Goats.
  8. Band castration does not interrupt rate of gain.
  9. Causes only minimal discomfort and stress to the animal.
  10. Natural testosterone also increases frame and carcass cut ability.
  11. Less stress on operator.

The Bloodless Castrators applies a latex ring/band around the scrotum, cutting off the blood supply. The scrotum should fall off in 20-40 days. Works best on calves 350 lbs. and up. A tetanus toxoid injection should be given at time of Castration. Tetanus toxoid (Covexin 8, Bar Vac CD-T, Vision C & D Tetanus Toxoid or Ovine Tetanus Shield) should be administered when bands are applied.

This is a basic blueprint for increased success of your Livestock. By delay Castrating you will benefit from all all of these reasons and be a success.

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The “Tri-Band” Bander.

New to our Out West Mfg. line, and designed especially for Calves, the new “Tri-Band” Bander for Castration of Calves up to 350lbs.

  • The latex ring opens bigger (no clip required)
  • 2X Stronger than the standard ring
  • Stays in place where applied
  • Won’t roll out of position (corners are square)

Tests show that banding causes less stress than any other method of Castration, and that means bigger average daily gains.

If you have trouble with the standard rings popping off the applicator or find that they are not big or strong enough, then take a look at the new “Tri-Band” Bander.

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