What is an easy way to load the Castrator?

This is the method I use. Place the Castrator in your armpit and hold it. Make sure the shaft is all the way forward and you have already loaded the clip. Be sure to point the front of the Castrator upwards, as the clip may fall out. Place the ring, (band), on one of the spreader bars. While holding it with the thumb of the hand that the side of the Castrator is being held. Stretch the band over the opposite spreader bar with two fingers of the opposite hand.

Continue to hold the band with the two fingers. Place your remaining thumb over the the other spreader bar to hold the band in place. Now stretch the band with the first two fingers on both hands back into the hook on the shaft. It is a good idea to be sure the band is stretched tightly between the spreader bars. Doing this will prevent breaking the band if you are banding larger animals.

Now pull the shaft back through the clip. Stop once the end of the shaft is completely through the hole. You’re free to develop your own methods though. You may refer to our instruction sheet. UTILIZING THE EZE