Castrating Bands & Supplies

Eze Model T-1 Bands & Clips

Eze Model T-1, Bands & Clips (Mixed)

Note:  The bands with the wire loops on the ends are no longer available anywhere. 



Round Bands are now available!!!!


The round bands "rings" work with the Model T-1 Castrator.  The bands with the wire loops on the end where just a temporary replacement.  The round bands are easier to use and better quality.

Order in "Bag" quantity's of 5, 10, 15, 25 Bands and Aluminum Clips, mixed. 

Quantity's represent the number of animals being castrated.

For example, if you order a Bag of 25, you will get 25 latex bands and 25 aluminum clips.
Enough to castrate 25 head.

XL Bands

 XL Bands


The XL Bands are larger than the Tri Bands.
The XL Bands are black in color.
The XL Bands DO NOT require an Aluminum Clip



The Tri Bands are smaller than the XL Bands.
The Tri Bands color will be a Tan Color
The Tri Bands DO NOT require an Aluminum Clip


Aluminum Clips


Aluminum Clips

Aluminum Clips for Original Castrator and Model T-1.

Clips don't need to be ordered for the Tri-Bander or XL Bander.

Tubing for Original Eze Castrator


For use with the older original style Castrator.
Select the length of tubing on the right side of screen.
Don't forget to order Aluminum clips.
This Tubing is used with  the "Original" older style Castrator.

13' tubing will castrate approx: 25 head. 
50' tubing will castrate approx: 100 head.

Razor Cutting Blade

Razor Cutting Blade for Model T-1 and Original Style Castrators.