Bloodless Band Castrators
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Castration Tools for Livestock

XL Bander, Tri Bander, Eze Bander

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(Eze Model T-1)     (Tri Bander)         (XL Bander)   
(350 - 1000 lbs +) / (Up to 300 lbs)  / (250 - 700/ lbs)
T-1 CastratorTri-Band CastratorXL Castrator
T-1 Bands & Clips                            Tri Bands          XL Bands      
Latex bands and aluminum clipsT-1 Castrating Round BandsTri-Bander Castrator Bands XL Castrating Bands

Original Style Castrator Tubing & Clips  
T-1 Original Castrating Long Tubing T-1 Original Castrator Crimp Clips
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We are the experts of the Band Castrators and will answer any and all
questions regarding the process of Livestock Castration for your
Farm and Ranch!

Home of the Model T-1, XL and the Tri-Bander for Cattle Castration.

This site is dedicated ONLY for the Bloodless Castrating of Livestock.

Please, reveiw all of our site and feel free to print out any information for your personal use.

Please review our site if you are uncertain about the Castrating process.
Livestock Castration can be complicated, so be sure to look over
the site to see the tools available for Band Castration.

T-1 Bander will Castrate from 350 lbs to 1000 lbs +             
XL Bander which will Castrate from 350 lbs to 700/800 lbs.
Tri-Bander which will Castrate from new born to 350 Lbs.  

Size comparison.
T-1 Bander.......You can make a FIST and slip through the opening.                    
XL-Bander......You can slip the size of a TENNIS BAll through the opening.    
Tri-Bander.....You can slip the size of a GOLF BALL through the opening.       

Model T-1

eze T-1 Castration

XL and Tri-Bander do not require a clip to retain the band.
No knives, no crushing, no blood.
Done in seconds!

                   Tri-Bander                               XL-Bander                

Tri-Bander CastratorXL Band Castration

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